Ocean City, Maryland

Last Wednesday Angelee and I decided we were sick of winter, and were stressed for various reasons and were in desperate need of a break. We wanted to be impulsive and do something or go somewhere and of course, my happy place is the beach so I immediately said, “Hey, let’s go o Ocean City for the day!” which was immediately met by “OMG YES LET’S DO IT!” By Thursday night we had a hotel room booked and plans to go shopping for new outfits Friday after work. Everything was going perfectly.

We manhandled Jake into coming along (okay, not really, we said beach and he was down for it) and left for the four hour journey bright and early Saturday morning. Ah, we were so excited! We listened to music, Disney, Ozzy and dubstep (also, what is dubstep?) played with snapchat filters and made a *few* wrong turns (not our fault, the GPS lied!). By  noon, we had arrived!


Salty, sea air is the best.


Saturday afternoon was spent penny boarding and long boarding down the boardwalk, soaking up the sunshine and sea breeze.



After hanging around the boardwalk and scoping out Candy Kitchen (so sad, they didn’t have any chocolate covered strawberries), we checked in to our hotel and snacked on some doritos and koolaid (I swear we’re adults!).



The view from our balcony.


Before we went to dinner at Embers ( all you can eat buffet, a bit pricey, but so so good!), we decided to check out the heated, indoor pool and the hot tub. The hot tub was amazing! It was bubbly and warm and had a waterfall!



On Sunday I woke early to get some much needed caffeine (thank you, Chestnut Praline Frappe!) and walk on the beach as the sun was rising. It was beyond words in beauty. After my little moment of peace, I headed back to the hotel and jumped on Angelee to wake her, because you don’t sleep all day when you’re at the beach!


We skated down the boardwalk again and then went to see Luna, who read our tarot cards. Let’s just say we were very happy with our fortunes!


After our futures were revealed, we walked on the beach, soaking up all the serenity we could before leaving.



She photobombed at the perfect moment to make this picture look even better.


We can’t wait to go back and have more fun this summer!





First Post

I have always felt like a free spirit, a gypsy, someone who is never content just staying in one spot. Being in one place for an extended period of time makes me cranky, which Angelee can attest to. One of my favourite quotes from Lorelai Gilmore is “We’re almost there and nowhere near it; all that matters is we’re going.” Life is all about the journey, the adventures you take with friends and who you meet along the way.

The reason we created this blog is so we have more than just the memories of our trips and fun times together, a physical(okay, internet doesn’t actually make it physical, but you know what I mean!) reminder of our adventures for ourselves when we’re in our old age and can’t remember….or were too drunk to remember! We hope you enjoy our adventures as much as we did and hope we inspire you to travel more and live life to the fullest.

Stay tuned. We have a lot planned.